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Uniting the Spirit of Youth with the Wisdom of Years!

Rekindering™ Company, LLC, headquartered in Pelham, New Hampshire, was born out of its founders' deep belief in the value of providing inspiration, motivation, and "magic" to groups and individuals who have been bombarded with cultural messages of limitation, struggle, and complexity and who wish to reclaim their own power to change the world.

Beginning with a book, The Ultimate Wish Book for Grown-ups: How to Use the Magic of Santa to Create Your Dreams, published in October of 2004 and written by founder Melanie Calitri Holden, Rekindering™ Company is transforming the way adults view their lives, their work, and their relationships with the generations to come.

Melanie's husband, Bill, devised the name "Rekindering™ ", which comes from the German “kinder”, or children, to evoke the spirit of reconnecting with the innocence and joy of youth. “It is the bright, determined, and infinitely optimistic youth inside us that sees a world of possibilities rather than a dead-end job or relationship,” says Holden. She adds, “We offer methods and support to help you break the harness of limited thinking and to realize your deepest, most heartfelt desires.

Rekindering™ Company provides consultation, workshops, and teleclasses, along with audio, printed and web-based materials to individuals and organizations. Its newest product is called Vacation From Stress™ is available on audio CD and mp3 formats.

For its founder, Rekindering™ Company also represents a way to give back to the community. The company is committed to tithe generously to charity – from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to elementary schools needing fundraising tools. Melanie adds, "It's all about creating balance in a world that can at times seem very unbalanced. We're working to change that. By learning from the subtle messages of our children, we adults mature into a life of freedom and joy."




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