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Melanie Calitri Holden
Author, The Ultimate Wish Book for Grown-ups

Melanie Calitri Holden

Author Melanie Calitri Holden dwells in the world of miracles. As a practicing physical therapist since 1984, she has seen the children she works with learn to accomplish simple tasks most people take for granted: standing on one foot, answering questions in complete sentences, skipping.

She has witnessed profound healing in adults who were told by their doctors, “There’s nothing more we can do.” Utilizing craniosacral therapy and other hands-on techniques, Melanie says she sees miracles occur every day with her patients.

A Child’s Sense of Wonderment

Melanie watched in amazement as her first child, Yana, now eight years old, made wishes that “magically” came true.

"In the middle of a December snow storm here in New Hampshire,” Melanie says by way of example, “Yana announced she wanted to ride on a carousel. I explained that we’d go to the park come summer. We were headed to the mall, and when we went inside, there was an indoor carousel, courtesy of the mall. I was astounded. She’d wished for a carousel ride and here was the carousel.”

Melanie decided to practice some of this “magic” for herself. As she saw her wishes coming true—beautiful weather for picnics, a 50%-off shoe sale—she discovered that a simple wish carries power and can affect dramatic results.

A Profound Success Story

One wish granted to Melanie still gives her chills. A physical therapy client discovered she had a precancerous lump in her breast and was scheduled for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Before each session Melanie and her client agree on an “intention” for the session—what they hope to accomplish.

After the first session, the client felt she wouldn’t need to have chemotherapy and radiation. For the second session, the client’s intention was to get through her surgery, scheduled for a week later, with ease. Melanie silently added a wish that the breast cancer would clear up completely, and that her client would need no surgery.

The next day at the client’s ultrasound, she was informed her lesion was gone, with no trace of the lump. Surgery was cancelled. The lump has not reappeared.

How Wishing Makes It So

Melanie wrote The The Ultimate Wish Book for Grown-ups: How to Use the Magic of Santa to Create Your Dreams as a way for adults to bypass the deep skepticism that keeps them from receiving all that they deserve.

By returning to a childhood ritual so familiar, adults experience the magic of Christmas all year long.

The five steps are disarmingly easy, and they work, according to Melanie.

  1. Make a wish list
  2. Write a letter to Santa
  3. Mail the letter
  4. Receive gifts
  5. Say thank you

She says, “This five-step process, which must include a heartfelt belief that you will receive what you’ve chosen to ask for, makes magic happen. There are always doors waiting to open, opportunities ready to present themselves. Sometimes you need to work hard to achieve your goals and sometimes your wishes just appear. All you need to do is ask, and you will find the fulfillment you’re looking for.”

About Melanie Calitri Holden

Born and raised in New City, New York, Melanie graduated from Boston University in 1984 with a Bachelor’s of Science in physical therapy. In 1995 she opened Physica Center for Healing and Education, a healing arts practice, which provides traditional and alternative therapies.

Melanie has been teaching throughout her career, offering workshops and classes in topics relating to health and spirituality. In 1987 she married Bill Holden and they moved to New Hampshire, where they live with their three children, Yana, Joseph and Tara.

Anthony D'Agostino
Illustrator, The Ultimate Wish Book for Grown-ups


Anthony D'Agostino Anthony D'Agostino has illustrated numerous books, among them the best-sellers, "The Angel Book" and "Angel Voices" for Simon & Schuster. While browsing in a bookstore or card shop, you've most likely seen Anthony D'Agostino's award-winning illustrations in best selling books and on greeting cards. Shopping, you may have glimpsed his designs on calendars, T-shirts, postcards, stationery, clocks, posters, and ornaments. Reading a newspaper or magazine, you'll have perused ads he designed. Anthony has created extraordinary catalogs, theater programs, business brochures, web sites and annual reports. He is an award-winning designer and a nationally recognized illustrator and licensor of his artwork. His awards for excellence in design and illustration include Addy Awards, CA and Print Magazine Awards.

Anthony studied Fine Art in Florence, Italy and graduated with a B.F.A. from Syracuse University. He is one of the founders of Santa Fe's nonprofit Kitchen Angels, an organization that delivers free, hot meals to the homebound since 1992. He lives and creates in Santa Fe, NM, the Land of Enchantment, with his two canine cohorts, Mambo and ChaCha.

To learn more about Anthony D'Agostino, visit his Website

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