The Ultimate Wish Book for Grown-ups…

  • immediately changes your belief about what is possible.

  • is filled with beautiful illustrations from an award-winning artist that evoke feelings of deep comfort and joy.

  • reminds you that you are worthy to receive your wishes and dreams.

  • effortlessly translates into practical use in your own life.

  • communicates powerful concepts through light and fun stories and exercises.

  • shows grown-ups that the magic is real, and if it can work for a child, then it can work for you!

  • rekindles warm and wonderful memories of your childhood Christmas or gives you the tools to create them.

  • helps you let go of your adult skepticism and need for complexity.

  • takes the struggle out of the process of achieving your goals.

Experience the miracle of Christmas everyday of the year!

Author Melanie Calitri Holden writes, "Even if you had a rough childhood, that Spirit inside you never let go of knowing that you deserve more.  It knows that your birthright is to create, accomplish, succeed. Your birthright is to be loved, endlessly and unconditionally." This book is written with joy and love, and the assurance that miracles abound! Award-winning artist Anthony D'Agostino brings the magic to life with his beautiful illustrations.

In five easy and fun steps, you will learn how to live your life with a child's sense of wonder and joy and experience the gift of God's abundant love. Rekindle the spirit of your youth (we call it rekindering™). Santa is ready and waiting to receive your wishes and help you make them come true!


 The perfect gift for children of all ages.

The cost of this hardcover keepsake is only $24.95 plus shipping.



The Ultimate Wish Book 

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The Ultimate Wish Book Gift Set

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